Myanmar Grace Children's Ministry

A Short History

A Short History

      When my wife and I commenced our Mission Church in Yangon in the year 2000 we had no members and no Church building but . . . we had Christ. It was hard to preach the Christian Gospel to non-Christians for a number of rreasons. Myanmar had a population of over sixty million people of whom eighty-nine percent were Buddhist, eight percent were Christians and the remaining three percent were of other faiths.

One day my wife suggested That we collect some of the many children who were playing games in the street near the home we were renting and which was later to become our property and bring them into our home in order to teach them different things.

When we were able to welcome a number of these children into our home we beganto teach them the Burmese Alphabet, some English language, Bible verses and songs for the month.

We cared very much for those children and as a consequence of the happiness which they experienced they began to bring their parents with them and they too began to learn new things.

We fully realised that God had opened the way for sharing the Gospel message among non-Christians through those street children. This is how we began the Myanmar Mission and how we were able to welcome a number of families into the family of the Christian Church and how in the year 2005 the name Grace Children's Ministry was officially given.

Thank you for your prayers.